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Paschim gujarat vij company limited (PGVCL) conducted Examination for the post of Junior Engineer (Electrical) on 27th September 2015. A very large number of candidates appeared for Gujarat this examination. All those candidates are anxiously searching for Answer Key / Paper Solutions of PGVCL Examination. Here we provide Answer-key / Paper Solutions with Question Paper of PGVCL VSJE Vidyut Sahayak Junior Engineer (Electrical) Examination 2015. This Answer key was Prepared by our ojas-gujarat Team & Answers are Correct as per our Knowledge.  Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. is an electricity company that was incorporated by Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB). The Company obtained the Certificate of the Commencement of Business. The company was one of several created as a part of efforts towards restructuring of the power sector in the state of Gujarat in India.The company is involved in electricity sub-transmission distribution and retail supply in the State of Gujarat or outside the State. Their mandate is to establish and use a power system network and to buy and sell electrical energy, and to collect information with an eye towards further system improvements.

  • Organized Authority : Paschim gujarat vij company ltd (PGVCL)
  • Name of the Post : Junior Engineer VS/JE (Electrical)
  • Exam Date : 27/09/2015
  • Official Website :

PGVCL Vidhyut Sahayak (VSJE-Electrical) Answer key / Paper Solutions

Exam date 27/09/2015


new_gifPGVCL Answer Key PDF File Download from Here

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Instructions regarding Answer Keys of the written test held on 27.09.2015 for the
post of Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Engineer-Electrical)

  • The answer keys of all sets (A, B, C, D) of the written test held on 27.09.2015
    are displayed on PGVCL website.
  • Any query, related to answer keys may be submitted with authentic proof on on or before 02.10.2015- 06.00 PM.
  • Any query submitted after above date/time or without authentic proof shall not
    be entertained.
  1. The constitution of india came into force with effect from –

(A) August 15, 1947

(B) August 9, 1948

(C) January 26, 1950

(D) January 26, 1949

  1. In hindu mythology, who among the following is considered to be physician of goods?

(A) Charak

(B) Dhanwantari

(C) Patanjali

(D) Chayawan

  1. The “Panchratna” was written during the –

(A) Latter vedic period

(B) Sultanate period

(C) Maurya period

(D) Gupta period

  1. Green Mufler is –

(A) A method of afforestation

(B) Plantation along roadside to reduce noise pollution

(C) A process of reducing vibration

(D) A technology for reducing air pollution

  1. The first al women employees post office of india opened at which of the following places?

(A) New Delhi

(B) Rajkot

(C) Chennai

(D) Mysore

  1. Which of the following temples main two doors as known as “Swargadwar” and “Mokshadwar”?

(A) Ranchod rai – Dakor temple

(B) Dwarikadhish – Dwarka Temple

(C) Somnath temple

(D) Shamlaji temple

  1. Zaverilal Mehta is known for –

(A) Photography

(B) Journalism

(C) Photojournalism

(D) Painting

  1. Which one of the biggest powerhouse in Gujarat?

(A) Dhuvaran

(B) Gandhinagar

(C) Sabarmati

(D) Ukai

  1. “Dhamal Dance belongs to which community?”

(A) Padhar

(B) Sidi

(C) Mer

(D) Rabari

  1. Which one of the following institution is not situated in Ahmedabad?





  1. Choose the word which is synonym of the word given in capital letters.


(A) Private meeting

(B) Seminar

(C) Procession

(D) Party

  1. Choose the word which is antonym of the word given in capital letters.


(A) Sparse

(B) Friendly

(C) Chaos

(D) Doubtful

  1. Choose the word which is antonym of the word given in capital letters.


(A) Awkward

(B) Unfamilier

(C) Courteous

(D) Crude

  1. Fill in the blanks with most appropriate word.

India’s nuclear program has come _________ age.

(A) For

(B) Through

(C) With

(D) Of

  1. Fill in the blanks with most appropriate word.

For the last few years, I have become __________ at handling my emotions

(A) Subjective

(B) Appreciative

(C) Possessive

(D) Adept

  1. Choose the word which is synonym of the word given in capital letters.


(A) Develop

(B) Show

(C) Call fourth

(D) Remove

  1. Which of the following words has wrong spelling?

(A) Fense

(B) Faint

(C) Famous

(D) Fabulous

  1. Which of the following words has wrong spelling?

(A) Privilage

(B) Village

(C) Distinguish

(D) Disctiction

  1. The first and the sixth sentences are numbered 1   and 6. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sentences are not in proper sequence and are numbered P, Q, R and S. Select the correct sequence from the given options.

I . Newton bad a little dog named Diamond –

  1. A heap of written papers containing the labour of twenty years lay on the table.
  2. Q. ln the absence of Newton little Diamond rose up, jumped on the table and knocked down the candle.
  3. R. One day he was working on some problems, after a while he went out of his
  4. The little dog was asleep in the room near the fire
  5. The papers immediately caught fire and were burnt to ashes





  1. The forst and the sixth sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th sentences are not in a proper sequence and are numbered P,Q,R and S. Select the correct sequence from the given options
    1. The Ganga is a holy river to the Hindus.
    2. Every Hindu wishes to die on the bank of the holy Ganga. Q. It comes from Gangotri mountains in the Himalayas,
    3. It is one of the biggest rivers in India.
    4. The Hindus call the Ganga, mother Ganga.
    5. At Haridwar, it leaves the mountains and enters the plains.





21  Find out the alternative which is the most similar in meaning to the word

given in capital


(A) integnry

(B) proficiency

(C) impetuousity

(D) rarity

22   which is the most opposite in meaning of the word given in capital ?


(A)   excess

(B)   deficit

(C)   indigent

(D)   exclude

23   Which is the most opposite 10 meaning of the word given in capital ?


(A)   hostility

(B)   brotherhood

(C)   proclivity

(D)   enmity

24   The following sentence is divided into four parts. One part has error.

Which is that part?

It do not take I much effort to declare I

(A)                             (B)

how proud one is I   to be an Indian

(C)                       (D)

25   The following sentence is divided into four parts One part bas error

Which is that part ?

As a Nation     I   we just didn’t knew I

(A)                             (B)

how to value I   our cultural treasures.

(C)                       (D)

26 which is non conventional source of energy?

(A) Fossil fuels

(B) radioactive substances

(C) geothermal, ocean tides and waves

(D) water

27 Earth wire on EHV overhead transmission line is provided to protect the line against –

(A)   lightning surge                             (B) switching surge

(C) excessive fault voltages               (D)   corona effect

28   For transmission line, which one of the following relation is true ?

(A) AD – BC = 1                             (B) – AD – BC = 1

(C)   AD – BC = 0                             (D)   AD – BC = 3

29 the induction of transmission line was minimum when –

(A) GMD is high

(B) GMR is low

(C) both GMD and GMR are high

(D) GMD is low and GMR is high

30 For a 500 Hz frequency excitation, 50 km long power line will be modelled as –

(A)short line   (B) medium line   (C) long line (D) data insufficient for decision

31 HYDC transmission IS preferred to EHV AC because –

(A) HVDC terminal equipment are inexpensive.

(B) VAR compensation is not required in HYDe system

(C)   System stability can be improved.

(D)   Harmonic problem is avoided.

  1. The most appropriate operating speeds in rpm of generators used in thermal nuclear and hydro power plants would be respectively –

(A) 3000, 3000 and 300

(B) 3000, 300 and 1500

(C) 1500, 1500 and 3000

(D) 1000, 900 and 750

  1. if X is the System reactance and R its Resistence, the power transferred is maximum when –

(A) X=R

(B) X-√R

(C) X=√3R

(D) X=2R

  1. For Y data transformer with Y-side grounded, the zero sequence current –

(A) Exists in the line on Y- side

(B) Exists in the line on data side

(C) Exists I the line on both Y and delta sides

(D) Has no path to ground

  1. A three phase 33 kv oil Circuit breaker is rated 1200 A, 2000 MVA, 3S. The symmetrical breaking current is –

(A) 1200 A

(B) 3600 A

(C) 35 KA

(D) 104.8 KA

  1. A signal phrase transmission line of impedence j 0.8 ohm supplies a resistive load of 500 A at 300 V. the sending power factor is-

(A) Unity

(B) 0.8 lagging

(C) 0.8 leading

(D) 0.6 lagging

  1. The power generated by two plants are : PI-50 MW, P2 = 40 MW. If the loss coefficient are B11=0.001, B22=0.0025, B12=-0.0005. then the power loss will be –

(A) 5.5 MW

(B) 6.5 MW

(C) 4.5 MW

(D) 8.5 MW

  1. Which of the following is a series FACTS device?




(D) none of these

  1. An electric bulb rated 100 watt, 240 V is connected to a 180 V supply. What wull be the output of the bulb?

(A) Approx. 76 watt

(B) Approx. 6 watt

(C) Approx. 5 watt

(D) Approx. 100 watt

  1. ABCD- parameters of two port networks relate the following:

(A) V1, V2 with I1, I2

(B) V, I1 with V2, I2

(C) V2, I1 with V1, I2

(D) None of above

  1. The function of shunt reactor is:

(A) To control the steady state over voltage when line is lightly loaded

(B) To improve the transfer capability of the line

(C) To limit short circuit current

(D) None of these

  1. For a 5Hz frequency excitation, a 400 km long power line will be modeled as –

(A) Long line

(B) Short line

(C) Medium line

(D) Data sufficient for decision

  1. In AC transmission line system there is difference in phase voltage at the two ends of line due to –

(A) Earthing of line

(B) System Voltage

(C) Insulators

(D) Reactance of line

  1. Chandarpur-Padghe HVDC line is operated by –




(D) Government of india

  1. Nationwide Synchronous Powergrid, Interconnecting all the five regional grids, has been established in –

(A) 2013

(B) 2014

(C) 2015

(D) 2012

  1. Which of the following forms of energy has a long term (next 50 years) estimated availability?

(A) Low- temperature heating from solar energy

(B) Synthetic oil and alcohols from coal

(C) Photovoltic production of electricity

(D) Coal

  1. Of the following choice, which best describes or defines BIOMASS?

(A) Massive living things

(B) Inorganic matter that can be converted to fuel

(C) Organic matter that can be converted to fuel

(D) Petroleum

  1. Of the following Choices which best describes or defines GEOTHERMAL ENERGY?

(A) Heat energy from volcanic eruptions

(B) Heat energy from hot springs

(C) Heat energy from inside the earth

(D) Heat energy from rocks on earth’s Surface

  1. A group of solar collectors connected together is called as –

(A) Solar cell

(B) Solar array

(C) Solar center

(D) Solar concentrator

50 the main disadvantage of wind power is that –

(A) it is available only in coastal areas

(B) wind energy systems are noisy when in operation

(C) large land area is required

(D) the capacity utilization is less

51 wind energy conversion devices based on drag force –

(A) move faster than wind (B)   move slower than wind

(C) move equal velocity as wind (D) do not depend on velocity of wind

52 The power transmission capability of bipolar line is approximately –

(A) Half that of 3 phase single circuit line

(B) The same as that of 3 phase single circuit line

(C) Twice as that of 3 phase single circuit line

(D) Thrice that of 3 phase single circuit line

53 the low power factor of an industrial plant is uneconomical for –

(A) electric supply utility only

(B) owner of the plant only

(C) both electric supply utility & owner of the plant only

(D) either A or B

54 a thermal generating station has an installed capacity of 15 MW and supply a load of 10 MW for 12 hours & 5 MW for remaining 12 hrs

(A) 0.5

(B) 0.67

(C) 0.75

(D) 1

55 In merz-price percentage differential protection of Δ – Y transformers, the CT secondaries connections in the primary & the secondary winding of the transformer would be in the form :

(A) Δ – Y

(B) Y – Δ

(C) Δ – Δ

(D) Y-Y

56 the components used in the output circuit of static relay is –

(A) Op-ams

(B) Comparators

(C) capacitor

(D) thyristor

57 series reactors are used to –

(A) improve voltage regulation

(B) Improve the P.F

(C) improve the transmission efficiency

(D) bring down the fault level within the capacity of switch gear

58 Which of the following is may be the rating of distribution transformer ?

(A) 50MVA

(B) 100MVA

(C) 100KVA

(D) 500MVA

59 In distribution transformer efficiency is measured in the basis of –

(A) energy

(B) power

(C) current

(D) voltage

60 which is a relay characteristics has closest resemblance to the characteristics of the fuse/MCCB?

(A) normal inverse characteristics

(B) very inverse characteristics

(C) extremely inverse characteristics

(D) all of the above

61 the shape of a disc in induction disc type over current relay is –

(A) circular

(B) Rectangular

(C) spiral

(D) elliptical

62 In a static relay over current characteristics is reached using –

(A) differentiator

(B) comparator

(C) integrator

(D) R – C circuit

63 for limiting short circuit current   _________ is used –

(A) resistors

(B) capacitors

(C) reactors

(D) semiconductor devices

64 the voltage regulator having dead zero effect is –

(A) magnetic amplifier

(B) electronic

(C) electromagnetic

(D) none of this

65 Static voltage regulators are –

(A) transistors

(B) integrated circuits

(C) microprocessors

(D) all of these

66 In the tap changing transformer , the tapping are provided on –

(A) primary winding

(B) secondary winding

(C) high voltage winding

(D) low voltage winding

67 Shunt capacitors in sub stations –

(A) consume lagging VAR

(B) deliver lagging VAR

(C) consume active power

(D) deliver active power

68 A watt-meter is reading back-wards in an experiment. Upscale reading can be obtained by reversing –

(A) pressure coil connection only

(B) current coil connection only

(C) both pressure coil & current coil connection only

(D) either A or B

69 In a Kelvin double bridge, two sets of reading are taken when measuring a low resistance, one with the current in one direction and the other with the direction of current reversed, this is done to eliminate the effect of –

(A) contact resistance

(B) resistance of leads

(C) change in battery voltage

(D) thermo electric EMFs

70 The use of _______ instruments is merely confined within laboratories as standardizing instruments.

(A) absolute

(B) indicating

(C) recording

(D) integrating

71 A thermistor exhibits –

(A) Only a negative change of resistance with increase in temperature

(B) Only a positive change of resistance with increase in temperature

(C) can exhibits either a negative or a positive change of resistance with increase temperature depending upon the type of material

(D) none of these

72 The pressure coil of a watt-meter should be connected on the supply side of the current coil when –

(A) load impedance is high

(B) load impedance is low

(C) supply voltage is low

(D) none of the above

73 Hysteresis is an instruments means –

(A) repeatability of the instrument

(B) reliability of the instrument

(C) change in same reading when input is first increased and then decreased

(D) the inaccuracy due to change in temperature

74 A 1 kΩ, 1 W resistor can safely Pas s a current of –

(A) 30 mA

(B) 100 mA

(C) 150 mA

(D) 500 mA

75 Reactive power consumption in transformer at full load and rated voltage is approximately _______ % of its rated power.

(A) 1 to 2

(B) 20 to 28

(C) 7 to 9

(D) 42 to 52

76 The advantage of non-conventional energy sources over conventional energy sources are –

(A) clean

(B) Renewable

(C) cheap once installed

(D) all of the above

77 The function of MPPT in solar photovoltaic system is –

(A) To track maximum power point at different solar irradiation

(B) To keep output constant at different solar irradiation

(C) To reduce impedance

(D) none of the above

78 Where is biggest solar park in Gujarat ?

(A) khavda

(B) charanka

(C) dasada

(D) mehsana

79 The range of wind speed for wind mill generate power is –

(A) 5-16 m/s

(B) 0-25 m/s

(C) 10-50 m/s

(D) 15-30 m/s

80 Output of a single photo voltaic cell is –

(A) 6 V

(B) 3-5 V

(C) 12 V

(D) less than 1 V

81 Making capacity of the circuit breaker is depends on –

(A) operating voltage

(B) short circuit MVA

(C) fault current

(D) all of the above

82 Lightening arrestors are used for the protection against –

(A) over current

(B) inter turn

(C) reverse power

(D) over voltage

83 The errors in CT are mainly due to –

(A) Leakage of flux

(B) core losses

(C) copper losses

(D)Excitation EMF required

84 Number of insulator discs, each rated 11 KV, required in a suspension type insulator string of 66 KV line is

(A) 6

(B) more than 6

(C) 12

(D) less than 6

85 The electric breakdown strength of insulating materials depends on –

(A) nature of applied voltage

(B) Imperfection of dielectric material

(C) pressure, temperature and humidity

(D) all of these

86 Which one of the following electro-magnetic radiation is used by satellite phone for the communication?

(A) radio waves

(B) X-rays

(C) Gamma rays

(D) Micro waves

87 The full form of EEPROM –

(A) Erasable electrically programmable read only memory

(B) Electrically Erasable programmable read only memory

(C) Emergency Erasable programmable read only memory

(D) Emergency Electrically programmable read only memory

88 The full form of ISDN –

(A) Internet service digital network

(B) Integrated solution digital network

(C) Integrated service digital network

(D) Integrated service divide network

89 The full form of SMTP –

(A) Short mail transfer protocol

(B) Simple mail transfer protocol

(C) Service mail transfer protocol

(D) Second mail transfer protocol

90 The full form of ISP –

(A) Information service provider

(B) Internet service provider

(C) Internet salute provider

(D) Internal service provider

91 Which one among the following is fastest Indian super computer developed by ISRO?

(A) Akash – A1

(B) Sagga – 220

(C) Jaquar-cray

(D) Tianhe-1A

92 Which one of the following person has produced the portable computer?

(A) Ramsay adobe

(B) Bharat dham

(C) Daniel ritchie

(D) Adam Osborne

93 Consider the following statements :

  • Mat lab is a numerical computing programming language
  • Mat lab is a fourth-generation programming language

Which one of the statements are/is correct?

(A) only (i)

(B) only (ii)

(C) both (i) & (ii)

(D) neither (i) nor (ii)

94 Which one of the following computer language is used for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in web browser?





95 Consider the following statements :

  1. Embedded computer systems boot immediately.
  2. In Embedded computer system, the loading is pre-computed and stored on the ROM when the device is made

(A) only (i)

(B) only (ii)

(C) both (i) & (ii)

(D) neither (i) nor (ii)

96 The computer processor consists which of the following parts?

(A) CPU and main memory

(B) Hard disc and floppy disc

(C) main memory and storage

(D) Operating systems and applications

97 Which one of the following errors in the program of the computer causes wrong results?

(A) Byte

(B) Attributes

(C) Bug

(D) Input problem

98 Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly?

(A) Editing

(B) Processing

(C) Booting

(D) Bugging

99 Which one of the following devices is not used as a locator in graphic applications?

(A) Graphic tablet

(B) touch panel

(C) mouse

(D) light pen

100 Which one of the following is the most common pathway to spread malwares?

(A) pen drives

(B) floppy diskette

(C) removable devices

(D) E-mail

This is not an Official Answer key. It is prepared by our Ojas Gujarat Team. The PGVCL Official Answer key will be declared by Paschim gujarat vij company ltd (PGVCL) on its official website

PGVCL VSJE Merit List / Cut-off Marks 2015

Here we also update the PGVCL Junior Engineer Cut-off Marks & Merit List 27-09-2015. List of Selected Candidates, Waiting List of JE 2015 and Final Selection List of PGVCL Junior Engineer Sept. 2015.

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