*{GSEB Science Sem-1 Chemistry Answer Key 30-10-2015

GSEB (Gujarat Secondary Education) HSC 11th Science Sem-1 Chemistry Answer Key/Paper Solution is Declared Which is held on 30th October 2015 in Gujarati and English Medium.

HSC 11th/12th Science Semester I Chemistry (052) Answer Key (30/10/2015):

GSEB LogoThe Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state’s higher educational system takes. The main responsibilities of the Board include academics, conducting examinations and research and development. The Gujarat board was formed on 1 May 1960. It is very popular board in the Gujarat State. It is conduct all school level exam. The main academic task of GSEB is the preparation of syllabus for secondary schools and also the recommendation of text-books to be taught in government schools. The Board also performs the duties of recognizing new schools, performance evaluation of schools and inspections of various schools associated with the Board.

Chemistry Answer Key www.gseb.org

By Checking Answer Sheet Candidate can Assume Marks Obtained in the Exam Paper. 11th Science Chemistry English and Gujarati Medium Question paper Contains Part A and Part B. Part A Contains MCQ Type Objective Contains here we are providing Physics (052) Part A Answer Key or Solved Question Paper.

GSEB will declare Official Answer Key of HSC STD.11 Science Sem-3 and Semester-1 2015  for All Subjects on www.gseb.org very soon.

Official Website: www.gseb.org

Answer Key of HSC Class 11th Science Sem – 1 Chemistry English and Gujarati Medium www.gseb.org. Students can check/Download answer key PDF via below Link. NibSchool Paplanpur Declared this Answer Sheet. Thanks for this information.

Book mark this Website for HSC 11th Science Answer-key / Paper Solution PD 2015 Updates.

Click Here to Download Science Sem 3 Chemistry answer key www.nibschool.com/Test.html

35 Replies to “*{GSEB Science Sem-1 Chemistry Answer Key 30-10-2015”

  1. In the 11 th std 2015 sem 1 paper of chemistry the answer key of the board is wrong one 4 marker of tautomerism has two answers :
    (1) propan 2 ol & prop- l- en- ol
    (2) 3 methyl pentan-2 one & 3 methyl pentan-3-ol but board key hve only ane ans of it which is wrong and one two marker ans is wrong in key that in reaction how many moles of hcl undergoes ocidation its answer in key is 16 but really its ans shud be 10 because if its answer is 16 then it will not be balanced n charge is also not balanced so its ans is 10 plzzz tell to the board commitee to change the key

    1. No 2 marks qustion’s answer is correct because hcl has 16 mole and cl is -16 and right hand side cl is 10 so we have to balance…….so answer is correct……

  2. Please..check the answer key……in the 4 mark qus….the real answer is 0.26 but answer key shows the answer 0.52……there is two method to solve the sum…..in the first method…nava=nbvb …..and the second method is….first we count the weight of h2so4….then we count the normality ……if we count with 1st method the answer come 0.52 but if we count with second method the answer come 0.26 …….so plzz I req. You that plz allow both answers…..I hope you will allow bòth answers…….

    1. no bro u r correct but board say N(normality) and your answer is in M(molarity) so u applied N=2M and your answer is 0.52


    The two question are not available in book and one question has two answer
    so please take this kind information

  4. Respected sir
    Please chek the question of maths probability in maths tere are two method to slove that question but when we r solving from fidi mathod we r getting answer 9.8% Not 10.21% so plz it is my request to u and we know u we do some fruitfull work for many student

  5. in question paper of chemistry in the set num of question sheet 12 in that the question number 28 which carried 3 marks and in that there is two answer nd they were A & B both so plz kindly check and reply us

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