Knowledge from the saints Answers 1:30 Pm clues Treasure

By | September 8, 2016

Knowledge from the saints 1:30 Pm clues answer Amazon Treasure Hunt

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About Amazon App Treasure Hunt:

This Treasure Hunt is conducted by . In this treasure hunt you have to guess some easy clues and every clues pointing to some electronics item. You have to guess the correct item and search it on amazon app. If your answer is correct then a product with price Rupee 1 will come to your search. Grab that product as fast as possible. There is no any hidden charges , you need to pay just Rupee 1 and only one.

Here is a tricks and tips that will help you to guess the products within few seconds.
  • The level of clues is very  easy and every one can play it.
  • You will be given a new chance in every 30 min so if your answer is incorrect then don’t upset you have too many chance. Prepare yourself for upcoming clues.
  • If you internet is fast then search the clue on google as fast as you can.
This treasure hunt is really good for all android users. Every android users can easily play this game. It is very sad to say that this treasure hunt works only on app. This offer is not valid on amazon app for iPhone 4 and below, Windows phone and Tablet.

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