CBSE Class 10th Science Answer Key 22-03-17 Review Analysis

By | March 22, 2017

CBSE class 10th Science Answer Key 22-03-2017 : As we all know that today CBSE has organized class 10th Science examination there are total Two Science Subject Papers Science THEORY & Science W/O Practical, many students had given class 10th examination today and all of them are searching for CBSE class 10 Science Theory & Science Without Practical Answer Sheet for 22nd March 2017.  so for every student we are here to provide class 10th Paper Solutions. below we are providing Science Questions with Answers. SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D Science Paper with Answer Sheet PDF.

Download Question Paper of Science 22-03-2017 PDF from Here (will update it on 23rd March 17)

CBSE class 10th Science Answer Key paper Solutions 2017 | Review of Students –

Name of Exam Body: Central Board of Secondary Examination

Exam Name : CBSE Board Class 10 SSC

Exam paper Name :

  • Science Theory (086)
  • Science W/O Practical (090)

Exam Date : 22nd March 2017 (22-03-2017)

Answer Key Released Date : Updated Soon

Official Website :

CBSE Science Question Paper Review 22-March-2017 Analysis

According to latest media reports, the students were quite happy with the Science paper. They were completely satisfied with how the paper was framed and most of them are expecting more than 75 marks.  In conversation with education team, students of CBSE Class-10 physics had some tricky and twisted questions, otherwise the paper was extremely easy.

The questions were all direct and an average student will easily score between 50 to 60 percent. The questions were all NCERT based and almost all the students attended 80 per cent of the paper. The diagrams were all from the NCERT itself and chemistry was the easiest part to attend.

CBSE Std. 10th Science Question paper Answer Book 2017

for downloading that CBSE class SSC Science Official Answer Key paper or Paper Solutions 2017 you need to follow the below steps

  1. first of all visit the website
  2. then on the top navigation on the main navigation you can find the button for question paper download.
  3. click on that button.
  4. then you can find the link for CBSE class 10th Science question paper 2017
  5. click on that link and then the download will start automatically.
  6. after downloading the Answer Key Visit and calculate your Marks

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30 thoughts on “CBSE Class 10th Science Answer Key 22-03-17 Review Analysis

  1. Raja

    it is very helpful to all the students who want to be successs

  2. neerja

    the exam was difficult for me.. i have studied well..but the exam was difficult.. i thought i will get a1 before the exam..but after the exam i was in depression .. what will i do?i have studied with many guides ..but their was no use at all..

  3. Shaik.Shafeen

    it was little bit hard for me…..I had studied well but it was difficult to solve..

  4. gayathri

    My daughter got SET B QUESTION paper .it was difficult for her.
    why they are published 3 type question ? all students are studying equally, but why questions are different, please tell me an answer

    1. chandana

      i know u must be worried for your daughters performance. Though there are three different sets, they have same type of questions but in different manner.

    2. Suryansh Chauhan

      Lol…it was not difficult…It was so easy…Ur daughter mst be a #dumb…..

    3. siddharth

      Mam they give same questions in all sets but the numbers are changed
      Only some questions are changed,it all lies in our luck

  5. Ram

    This system of 3 different question papers shld b abolished.How can board differentiate students merit by 3 set question papers?

    1. ms

      Correct Sir. This system, may be discriminatory because, some sets are easy, some are average while some may be too difficult. Each and every child sits for 8 to 10 hours a day and studies. But atlast, one student gets a very easy question paper and the other child gets a tough paper, for which he/she has to break his/her head and be depressed.

    2. d

      let me tell you that even if there were three sets questions were same only numbers were different

      1. Raghav


  6. gram

    question paper set 2 is easier than rest of the question paper this is favouring luck, and lukier knwoledge is nullified abolish this system equality is not maintained. why such

  7. Raghav

    Why they have given 3 sets all the childrens are equal so they have to be treated equally set 1 was very difficult while set 2 and set 3 were little bit easier what is this they should be treated equally that is not fare I am complaining about this to CBSE Head Quarters..

  8. rajeev

    it was easy for me. i got set 2 it was a bit easier than that of all.

  9. Ram

    Set 2 was not easy one.All the questions were indirect one.Students who has covered the text fully only can answer.Though I am against the system of 3 types question I back with Board as there is option for students to choose school exam.

    1. chandana

      if you read everything thoroughly then you would answer any type of questions

  10. Suryansh Chauhan

    I Dont know why guyz are saying that set-2 was difficult???? It was the most easy one…Guyz now-a-days dont study and blame the Education Stystem!!

  11. deon thomas

    I got set was very tough.but set 1 and 2 was easy.

  12. siddharth

    Please anyone answer me….

    I have written social exam very nice,almost everything is correct but the only thing I felt is initially my handwriting is good for 4 pages
    But after that my handwriting is not nice,especially in 5 marks..
    Will they reduce mark in my paper or will they grant me mark…


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