CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Answer Key Review 29-03-2017 Analysis

By | March 29, 2017

CBSE Board Class 12th Accountancy /Accounts Answer Key 29th March 2017 : As we all know that today CBSE as organised class 12th Accountancy examination, many students had given class 12th examination today and all of them are searching for CBSE class 12th Accountancy Answer Sheet for 29th March 2017 & Also Search Reviews of Accountancy Question paper of Class 12 cbse.  so for every student we are here to provide class 12th Paper Solutions. below we are providing Accounts Questions with Answers. Accountancy question paper contains two parts A and B. Part A is compulsory for all. Part B has two options-Financial statements Analysis and Computerized Accounting.

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Name of Exam Body: Central Board of Secondary Examination

Exam Name : CBSE Board Class 12 Intermediate

Exam paper Name : 055 Accountancy 

Exam Date : 29th March 2017 (29-03-2017)

Answer Key Released Date : Updated Soon

Official Website :

CBSE class 12th Accountancy Paper Solutions 29-3-2017 pdf download

CBSE class 12 Accountancy or Accountant Answer Key 2017 pdf

CBSE class 12th 055 Account Answer Sheet in PDF

CBSE Accountancy Question Paper Review 29-March-2017

According to the experts a Accountancy teachers, the question papers which was faced by the students today was a bit easy as compared to the previous years question papers. And as per our experts the section 2 was a bit difficult as compared to the previous year question papers. though Most of Questions of Accountant subject is from NCERT Books

These are reviewed by Students who attended CBSE Accountancy Question Paper 2017. Write your Review in Below Comment Sections its FREE!

CBSE Std. 12th Accountancy Question paper Answer Key 2017 Reviews

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  2. then on the top navigation on the main navigation you can find the button for question paper download.
  3. click on that button.
  4. then you can find the link for CBSE class 12th Accountantancy question paper 2017
  5. click on that link and then the download will start automatically.
  6. after downloading the Answer Key Visit and calculate your Marks

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100 thoughts on “CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Answer Key Review 29-03-2017 Analysis

  1. SB

    Horrible paper..!!!!
    Such a lenghty paper..!!!!!
    Why does CBSE actually want from….
    An expert would even require 4-4:30 hours to solve such a paper..!!!!
    Necessary steps should be taken..!!!
    Students are so much disheartened now..!!!!
    So much was expected by accountancy..
    Something reasonable should be done..
    Grace marks of 15 marks at least..!!!!

    1. Akhil mehta

      Its too langhty n there was also a mistake in question paper of aacountnu …in Vikas n vivek question their name were in wrong Hindi n english section

      1. Ashray

        The question was not wrong. It was just cbse trying to test whether the students read the questions completely or not. Although the paper was lengthy and the calculations were difficult, still the conceptual part of the paper was not very difficult.

  2. Frustrated hopeless commerce student

    Don’t u think it was a LENGTHY

  3. Student

    Very Disappointed

    Why are you SPOILING the FUTURE of the students by such a lengthy and complicated paper,,,,,,,

    1. anuradha

      I am an accounts teacher teaching for 15 years In my life none of mystudents has complained that paper was not completed. dear accountancy is a simple cocept based subject where we suggest the students to practice some sample papers on regular basis . one should not stop writing and always we should follow the answer keys pattern as suggested with sample papers issued by cbse

      1. priya

        Mam I practiced some sample papers at my home… On time I was able to complete them.. Especially previous year exam paper.. In this exam, I just kept on writing and solving but many totals were left by me as I knew that paper is bit lengthy and some totals I left for the end … I wasn’t able to complete them.. I swear I didn’t even stop for one second

      2. Sonal

        Mam it was definately a lengthy ppr ur students might b exceptionally intellijent
        Bt everyone doesn’t have same brain
        In my class there were jst 3 students who cmpleted the ppr
        Rest left about 10-15 marks

      3. Commerce Teacher


  4. Shubhi

    The questions were really too good and easy. It was not at all lengthy.

    1. Aman saurabh

      it was a lengthy paper not so much hard but a bit complicated….nd if u think ki ye lengthy ni tha tb to tumko 80 out of 80 aayega….

    2. Sidhant Rajput

      Are you Fine Miss Surbhi ?? Please Think About the Average Student.

  5. Prashant

    Paper was easy but it was a lenghty paper n there was a error in 6marks question of cash flow. The note no.7 in cash flow was misprinted that make confusion in mind of students. Cbse have to take action regarding that.

  6. l.g.cheif

    paper was lengthy n mistake in cash flow marks must be alloted !!!

  7. ilhaan masoom

    lengthy paper like hell…. no one was able to complete…cbse should really look upto providing grace marks…really what cbse is wanting from the students…first maths paper now accounts paper…. too much lengthy…students are really disheartened… i myself is disheartened and dont know what will happen…

  8. Accountancy Guru


    1. Shivani Gupta

      Yes, you are right, This Ultimate book of accountancy is really a great book and all high quality questions and advance level is given in this book. It helps the students in board exam.

  9. NK

    The MOST DIFFICULT PAPER of ACCOUNTANCY was today..I was expecting that tge paper will be Luke of last year..which was too easy. But the CBSE had made it the most LENGTHY paper, guys please atleast think of our problems ,if you will give us PASS JOURNALS how we will do as the time allotted is only 3hrs. and we have to attempt all, how we will do if you will give like this..The paper was EASY but LENGTHY. Just from exam I haven’t ate anything because I had a mentality of scoring atleat 65 and what I did I haven’t attempted of 65..JUST I WANT TO SAY IS PLEASE ATLEAST DO A FAVOUR “LET THE CHECKING BE LENIENT SO THAT THERE WILL LESS SUCIDE THIS YEAR ,BECAUSE THIS ACCOUNTANCY HAD BROKEN EVERYONES HEART? PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

  10. Mohit Aneja

    Lengthy paper … Much complicated.. Difficult and time consuming calculations. Really disappointed!! CBSE should give grace of 15 marks to every student.. Every question was confusing !! Plz don’t spoil our future and grant us all a grace of 15’marks

  11. Ashish saini

    The exam was very lengthy . No one can complete it on time.It is easier but very very lengthy .What the Cbse wants ??? Bigger calculations. What the hell ?

    So my all dear friends i want you all should write to PM Modi about this hell.
    Cbse should gave atleast 10 marks as grace.

  12. Kritika

    What the hell is this man
    I expected 90+ in accounts
    But the paper was lengthy that ..
    I mean I was literally crying after giving the paper .. grace marks should be given
    We want justice.!

  13. tyagi

    Paper is lengthy but easy.
    Please give grease marks to all students.

  14. shiv

    it was really very lenghty paper students are unable to received all the question. Everyone leave question. cbse please take re test of accountancy. Why are you SPOILING the FUTURE of the students by such a lengthy and complicated paper,,,,,,,
    Very Disappointed???

  15. Rhea

    The accountancy paper was easy but very lengthy. The unexpected things happened in the question paper, the concepts which were well prepared were of mediocre level like partnership. On the other hand the theory asked was really depressing , the deep things were asked. Board must look into the matter and give grace marks.

  16. depressed 12th

    the paper was easy but lengthy…it is actually a 3 n half- 4hr paper…what is the use of the paper if it is easy but lengthy>????
    we expect a lenient correction..and pls. do give us grace marks..pls.note this is not the time to play with our future !!

  17. Abhishek

    Paper was very easy and good but very very lengthy I am very disappointed

  18. Muhammad Shahbaz

    Too lengthy..!
    Can’t be done within 3 hours..
    What message CBSE board want to convey to students by making such lengthy and faulty questions??
    Question No 8 (as per set 2) was also wrong..
    First of all you are inviting all money only on application, then giving such a huge amount. (20 lakh share applied for 7.5 issued and only 50,000 out of them are refunded) remaining money also cannot be transferred to allotment as there is no allotment..
    How can be the Pro rata is possible when there is no allotment? And if yes, then why your books don’t have such questions?
    Corrective steps must be taken by the board. Allot marks on wrong questions.
    Please let us compensate by giving easy questions in Economics’ paper..

    1. Suyash

      No.. It is right.. Pro rata allotment means either reject all exceeds applications.. Or make allotment to all applications or reject some and allot some.. IT WAS THE 3rd CASE

  19. Cupcake1234

    The accountancy paper was very tough and long! Grace marks should be given.

  20. Ujjawal

    Paper was lenghty grace should be given
    And cbse should look to the matter as the subject is a main subject and it affects future of many

  21. Suyash

    What was the balance transferred to capital reserve in share capital 1st question .. Full fledged question choice..

  22. Suyash

    In guarantee question the order of partners name is different in Hindi language and English language ?!?

  23. ira mahajan

    the accountancy paper was very lengthy and could not be completed in the time of 3 hours.There were 2 questions in which revaluation a/c, partners’ capital a/c and balance sheet had to be made and this was very time consuming.
    You could be lenient in checking. Only then justice would be served.

  24. ayush jain

    Paper was too lengthy and there was a mistake in cash flow question which confused us,,….CBSE should step out for this……..

  25. ekta

    Ohh god soo much of lengthy paper it was we need at least 4 hours to complete that paper! why cannot Cbse understand that we are not experts who can solve it in 3 hours. A bit tough and tricky too the paper was. The marking should be of Linent and grace marks should be provided particulary to all the students!!

  26. shahna

    Like really !! I would suggest CBSE to first solve themselves the exam and check out ki kitna time is actually required …u expect in 3hours such big calculations …..hadd hoti hai!
    Plzzz don’t spoil the future of children ….many suicides are committed due to ur fault …though paper was OK ! But very lengthy !!!?

    1. rajwinder kaur

      Plssssss give grace marks our future is in your hands only. I can’t even concentrate on my next exam i won’t survive all my hard work turned into tears in the end

  27. raghav

    cash flow question was wrong . marks should be alloted for it.

    1. bhama

      there are some mistakes in the question paper of accountancy?can anyone clearly specify the mistakes?also in which paper?was it all india?also specify the set plz?
      want to clear it with my parents

  28. Ayush pathak,gorakhpur

    plzzz CBSE
    don’t spoil our life because we are future

    my to became chartered accountant
    but it seems too much hard to get admission in SRCC

    plzzz CBSE department
    our lives is in your hand

    plzz save our life

    provide us grace mark of 15

  29. Hitika Munjal

    The exam was quite lengthy…. Due to time constraint, there was a grt pressure due to which many calculation and silly mistakes were committed… All the students deserve lineancy in checking and grace marks too

  30. Yash Varshney

    As we all know the paper was easy but it was very lengthy. The Question No.11 was also tricky. I want to know if it was misprint or correct. I have attempted according to the language written in english.

    1. Suyash

      I have attempted according to Hindi.. They have to mark both as right !

  31. nawazish ali

    very lengthy.
    grace marks of 15 marks at least….??

  32. Anuj Pateriya

    After a tricky and tough paper of… Business studies and maths as well…. CBSE again showed a disheartened paper of accounts… paper was quite easy, infact scoring too but such a lenghty paper can’t be completed in 3 hours by average students… Even most of intelligent too lost 10-15 mrks by cant even touching the ques. Its a serious issue… Students had to face many problems this year after business studies this was second shock !! BOARD should to look at the matter,… And its an appeal from us to you.. Plzz don spoil our future… Shuch numbers are key to move forward. !!

  33. student

    Tooo lengthy….. Paper was easy bt wht is the use if 1 cant complete it on tym… Plz give us grace marks atleast…. Dont play wid r future

  34. shweta

    Paper was too lengthy and cash flow statement was also wrong and we are not experts to slove it in 3 hours in fact paper was filled with journal entries and my time was wasted in cash flow so at least 15 marks should be alloted to each student as grace marks. All the students are so disheartened.

    1. bhama

      in which paper was the cash flow wrong?plz specify the set also

  35. shefali gupta

    really a lengthy paper. question which should be mark for 3 to 4 marks were acquiring only 1 marks which consume lots of time. Everyone was very disappointed ,it was tricky and must be consider for atleast 15 grace marks. Paper cant be completed in 3hrs it require mini 4hr. CBSE should take action against what they have planned for students in accountancy paper.

  36. tanya

    unbelievable paper so hard and tricky it should be re-examed otherwise it will spoil our overall result for our entire future

  37. Mohit

    Was the ques of cash flow ststement wrong or it was correct ……..most my colleagues got the same answer but according to the question it was wrong….so plz clearify it that it was wrong or correct….Although such a lengthy paper..till the last moment I found everyone writing…including me..

  38. James bond

    Very lengthy .
    A CA took more than 3 hours to solve this paper.

  39. Snehil

    Grace marks should be given. As a commerce student accounts is a main subject . if we will not get good marks it will effect our percentage because of lengthy and complicated paper. So i request to compensate with us let us get good marks.thankyu

  40. Rahul

    such an lengthy paper……wasn’t it a joke…..
    it was an easy paper but it was length too…and there was something wrong in cash flow questions…
    had anyone got it right…..

  41. Gaurav bathla

    Accounts paper held on 17-03-2016 was too lengthy…most of student face difficulty in completing the paper on time
    No daubt , paer was easy but it is too lengthy
    Most of the students left some part of paper
    Students feel very bad about this…

  42. muskan

    please for the sake of student’s better future cbse should take remedial measures before evaluating the paper . Grace marks should be given to students for misprint and incorrect question!

  43. Jashan Preet

    The exam wasn’t so difficult bt yeah it had ques involving many journal entries n calculations which were tym consuming….it was really impossible to complete the paper perfectly n up to mark in 3 hours…..

  44. Paras Agarwal

    Accountancy paper was not much difficult and lenghty. According to me it was easy even i had completed my paper 20 before and i am expecting 95+ marks. Lets see what will happen.

  45. aditi

    this paper is so lengthy…we can’t solve this paper in 3 hour…..plZz provide some Grace…. marks…..because its our future ….not a silly game…plzzz secure our future….

  46. pragati

    there are two shocks which CBSE gives to students as bst nd accounts exam paper these are very lengthy papers as it is not possible to solve it in 3hours…….we are students not the expert..CBSE has to understand this and provide the grace marks to all the students as ye humara future Ka baat ha and CBSE has not right to spoil this………

    1. swati kumari

      This year accountancy exam questions paper unfair ways so I request cbse plz get marks all students gracefully and very disappointed this paper

  47. sparsh singh

    it was a hellll paper cbse should give a little bit difficult paper but not so much
    lengthy paper like this year paper

  48. sushmita

    itss too much lenghty
    …so plz provide some grace marks to all

  49. priya

    ENGLISH AND BUSINESS STUDIES WERE QUITE DECENT AND AS PER THE TIMING BUT..I cried after the accountancy exam .. It wasn’t a paper that could b solved by everyone.. As every child has his Or her level… Average children especially try their best to come to the top.. But really even if two questions had been removed in the question paper.. I wud hav scored 90+.. I practiced my speed but my hand is not milkha Singh.. I didn’t even get the time to read the question properly..

  50. Sidhant Rajput

    Accountancy class 12 2016 paper was just hell…..our future depends upon these marks n due to these tough papers more and more students r nw shifting over 2 state brd to score gud mrks…….wht abt stdnts like us whose parents are Bussiness Man and thus are forced 2 studycbse board.

  51. Akhil mehta

    Itssss easy but tooo lengthy ….n most of the students face this problem …grace should be given by the CBSE …for students bright future

  52. sanidhya

    yes it was such a lengthy paper though in shares question (fill ups) call money doesnt given….
    so don’t spoil the future of ours and take steps that everyone should be secured above 30 marks

  53. salil

    Really its to difficult to complete the exam in 3 hrs its too lengthy

  54. Ashwin

    Our future is totally based on class 12 result we are really sad and demotivated after giving accountancy exam the paper was tough and really very lenghty it was very difficult to do all questions within three hours . This paper has brought tears in all students of commrce stream . I request u on the behalf of all students to give grace of 20 to 25 marks …… Please

  55. lavanya

    sir/ ma’am
    It was hard for me and I request the concerned authorities to provide us grace marks cuz I think I m gonna pass on margin…

  56. sahil kapoor

    Plz grace us 25marks….I m begging u cuz our future depends upon our results…I m really depressed after my exams. It was really tough and lengthy…plz help

  57. rehaan khan

    Plz grace us all at least 20 marks so that it could compensate to ur loss…many students couldn’t complete the paper on time…or the authority can do on more thing….just give full marks to each and every question we attempted

  58. himani

    At least give marks in your own mistake in ques. Vivek n vikas and in cash flow statement.. after all its student’s future

  59. shivani upadhyay

    Accountancy paper was to lenghty please give grace marks to students or re-exam !!!

  60. amit menghani

    grace marks of atleast 15 should be given as paper soo much lenghty

  61. manpreet

    so lengthy paper..pls dont ppay with our future..we hv to take admissions in colleges..plsss give grace marks…plssssss ..

  62. Malika Singh Chauhan

    Although my paper was completed on time but really the paper was the tricky one ..!! And the calculations was very hard even in 3 marker question of debentures which was time consuming !! Cbse should think over it ..! 🙁

  63. karan

    Very difficult to complete the paper please give the gracing marks to all the students so our future should not spoil.

  64. karan

    Very difficult to complete the paper please give the gracing marks to all the students.

  65. sahil

    No doubt that paper was easy but lenghty too. I request cbse ND hrd minister to give grace of atleast 10 marks. ND Delhi university keep its cutt off below 95

  66. Anand

    The paper is ok. It is the non conceptual foundation promoted by tuition classes that make the paper lengthy or difficult.
    This is the standard expected of CBSE. And of students dreaming to be CAs and MBAs.

  67. Shivani Gupta

    Students are asking from which book we should study to crack these type of difficult board papers. The simple answer is … use Ultimate Book of Accountancy class 12th CBSE. This is the only best book in India. High Quality questions with advance level and explanation of each and every item is explained in this book. All experts and teachers use this book only. name of the book is ‘Ultimate Book of Accountancy’.

  68. mansi

    Paper was totally unexpected also very lengthy and tricky. We want leniency with grace. We study hard the whole year and it feels so bad when we get nothing in return. Cbse must think about the weak students also. There’s already so much pressure on our mind so please don’t try our patience. Some students commit suicide due to such rubbish pattern of cbse, just think about them. Apart from this, 75% was filled with tricky questions which were very time consuming plus it wasn’t based on the sample paper. Ther was no ledger account even no question of comparative and common size and accounting ratios which was unexpected. I hope cbse can understand our problem and i request for leneincy.

  69. nandini

    paper was time consuming becoz of this i was not able to read the que properly even i wrote que numtoo wrong pls give gracemarks ..


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