Bharuch District Raja List 2022

Bharuch District Raja List 2022 : Download Navsari District Primary School Raja List Pdf. They found that these calendars were based on similar principles though prepared as per ancient customs and astronomical practices. On the other hand, Islamic calendar was used by Muslims in India along with Indian Government using Gregorian calendar for administrative purposes. Hereby, due to Calendar Reform 1957 C.E., a formalized and structured lunisolar calendar was finalized as the National Calendar of India, where leap years corresponded with those mentioned in Gregorian calendar.

Bharuch JAHER Raja LIST 2022 Jaher raja Means sarkar dvara sarkari kacherio mate raja jaher karva ma aavel hoy che. Matlab ke aa divase tamam sarkari office ma kam kaj bandh rahe che. Aa List Tamam Bank ane sarkari kacherio mate jaher karva ma aavel chhe. Je mujab tamam kacherio ma ane Banko ma Aa divase raja jaher karva ma aave che. Aa divase jo koi kam hoy to loko ne taklif na pade tena mate temaj karmachario mate aalis declare karva ma aave che. 

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Bharuch District Raja LIST 2022 : marjiyat raja etle ke aa divase sarkari kacheri ma raja hoti nathi pan kacheri na koi karmachario ne aa divase raja muki hoy to temne malti temni hak rajao mathi aa divase marjiyat raja teo muki shake che. Marjiyat raja je te divase aavta taherar ke koi vishesh divas ne dhyan ma raakhi ne aapva ma aave che. 

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