Nistha 3.o All Module Link | Aheval And Module Answer

Nistha 3.o All Module Link : NISHTHA 3.0 is a capacity building programme for “Improving Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training”. It aims to build competencies among all the teachers and school principals at the elementary stage. NISHTHA is the world’s largest teachers’ training programme of its kind.

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Nistha 3.o All Module Link | Aheval And Module Answer

How can I join nishtha 3.0 course?

  • First of all U need to install Diksha App.
  • Nishtha 3.0 course 1 to 12 all course joining link given below.
  • U can click on and join the course One By One

Nistha 3.o All Module Link

MODULE 1 FLN મિશનનો પરિચયClick Here
MODULE 2 ક્ષમતા આધારિત શિક્ષણ તરફ પ્રયાણClick Here
MODULE 3FLN અધ્યેતાને સમજવા: બાળકો કેવી રીતે શીખે છે ?Click Here
MODULE 4 પાયાની સાક્ષરતા અને સંખ્યાજ્ઞાનClick Here
MODULE 5FLN વિદ્યાપ્રવેશ અને બાલવાટિકા ને સમજવાClick Here
MODULE 6 પાયાની ભાષા અને સાક્ષરતાClick Here
MODULE 7 પ્રાથમિક ધોરણોમાં બહુભાષી શિક્ષણClick Here
MODULE 8 શૈક્ષણિક મૂલ્યાંકનClick Here
MODULE 9  પાયાનું સંખ્યાજ્ઞાન Click Here
MODULE 10  પાયાની સાક્ષરતા અને સંખ્યાજ્ઞાન માટે શાળા નેતૃત્વClick Here
GJ_11_ICT નું શીખવા, શીખવવા અને મૂલ્યાંકનમાં સંકલનClick Here
GJ_12_પાયાના તબક્કા માટે રમકડાં આધારિત શિક્ષણશાસ્ત્રClick Here

Nistha 3.0 All Module Aheval In Pdf

Module 1 AhevalClick Here
Module 2 AhevalClick Here
Module 3 AhevalClick Here
Module 4 AhevalClick Here
Module 5 AhevalClick Here
Module 6 AhevalClick Here
Module 7 AhevalClick Here
Module 8 AhevalClick Here
Module 9 AhevalClick Here
Module 10 AhevalClick Here
Module 11 AhevalClick Here
Module 12 AhevalClick Here
Aim and Objectives of FLN Mission (Nistha 3.0)

Dear Learners, You must be eager to know about Foundational Literacy and Numeracy mission. Why this mission has been launched? What is the aim? What are its objectives? And How this mission will be implemented? In this video we will try to find out answer to these questions. The national FLN Mission is an important step of Government of India towards ensuring that our children attain literacy and numeracy skills by Class III. There is a set deadline of 2026-27 to achieve Foundational Literacy Numeracy Mission targets.

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  • Let us first understand what is foundational literacy and numeracy? Foundational Literacy means oral language development, Decoding (sounds and symbol relationships), reading fluency, reading comprehension and writing.
  • Now you must be thinking why this Mission? There is a strong national concern today regarding the poor learning levels of children at various stages of school education. NEP 2020 highlights that a large proportion of students currently in elementary level – estimated to be over five crore – have not achieved foundational literacy and numeracy. In India, we have children who are first generation learners and do not have an environment of literacy and numeracy at home.

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  • The all-round capacities that emerge in 3-6 years age-group are pre-requisite for later success in school and life. Positive experiences received by a child at the foundational stage, supports the child’s lifelong learning and development. If there are learning gaps and they are not filled at the earliest, they continue to widen.
  • As a result children start falling behind in their learning levels and their learning outcomes may not be achieved successfully. Besides this, NEP 2020 has highlighted that attaining foundational literacy and numeracy for all children must become an immediate national mission. Hence, FLN mission has been set up under the aegis of the centrally sponsored scheme of Samagra Shiksha, which is an integrated scheme of school education that covers from preschool to senior secondary level.
  • The intent is to systematically tap this phase of child development under NIPUN BHARAT to overcome the learning crisis and build foundational literacy numeracy with understanding, through a play and activity-based approach.
  • The basic aim of the national mission of FLN is to enable all children to read and respond with comprehension, independently write with understanding, develop number sense, mathematical thinking, problem solving and reasoning. The focus is on the holistic development of child. All children in the class should be happy, confident, thinking and learning.
  • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission – An Introduction – Dear learners, welcome. As you are aware, our country has recently announced the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It has been well appreciated for its comprehensiveness and inclusivity. This policy is the first to advocate bringing preschool education into the main fold of the formal institutionally managed education system.
  • Another important emphasis of this policy is on developing foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) skills in all children by Class III. The prominence attached to FLN by the policy can be understood by its reaffirmation that “The rest of the Policy will become relevant for our students only if this most basic learning requirement (i.e., reading, writing, and arithmetic at the foundational level) is first achieved.”
  • Considering the challenge of equipping every child with basic FLN skills, a national mission for FLN called, National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy or NIPUN BHARAT, has been launched by the Government of India.
    The vision of the mission is to create an enabling environment to ensure universal acquisition of foundational literacy and numeracy, so that every child achieves the desired learning competencies in reading, writing and numeracy at the end of Class III.
  • The mission will cover the learning needs of children in age group of three to nine years. Accordingly, learning gaps will be identified along with their probable reasons, and various strategies will be initiated, keeping in view the local circumstances and the diversity of the country. Moreover, the aim is also to establish a strong link and smooth transition between preschool stage and early grades.
  • FLN Mission guidelines help develop an understanding of the aims and objectives of the mission and define the expected roles of different institutions and stakeholders so that they can productively and optimally contribute towards achieving the mission goals. Hope you all will enjoy this module. Happy learning! Nistha 3.o All Module Link
  • Involvement of pre-primary and Std. 1 to 5 teachers and principals in the training under Fidelity 3.0 (FLN).
The major objectives of the mission are
  • ensure that an inclusive classroom is built by incorporating play, discovery, and activity-based pedagogies, linking to the daily life situations of children and formal inclusion of children’s home languages.
  • enable children to become motivated, independent and engaged readers and writers with comprehension, possessing sustainable reading and writing skills.

• make children understand reasoning in the domains of number, measurement, shapes; and enable them independent in problem solving by way of numeracy and spatial skills.

  • ensure availability and effective use of high-quality and culturally responsive teaching learning material in children’s familiar/home/ language(s).

• focus on continuous capacity building of teachers, head teachers, academic resource persons and education administrators.

• ensure assessment ‘as, of and for’ learning through portfolios, group and collaborative work, project work, quizzes, role plays, games, oral presentations, short tests, etc.

  • To ensure tracking of learning levels of all students. To lay emphasis and prioritise foundational learning, the programme will be implemented in mission mode, with the use of and strengthening of the existing mainstream structures. The Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education (MoE) will be the implementing agency at the national level and will be headed by a Mission Director. Reference Course Module.

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