7/12 Extract Online | Check Land Recoreds

The 7/12 extract Online | Check Land Records is an extract from the land register maintained by the revenue department of the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat, states in India. The extract gives information of the survey number of the land, the name of the owner of the land and its cultivator, the area of the land, the type of cultivation – whether irrigated or rain fed, the crops planted in the last cultivating season. It also records loans extended to the land owner given by government agencies, including the purpose – such as loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilisers, for which the loan was given, the loans could be given to the owner or the cultivator.

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It is one of the documents that provides evidence of the ownership of the land it represents. In rural areas the ownership of a particular plot of land can be established on the basis of the 7/12 extract. It is called as “Record of Rights” or “Record of Land Rights” A 2009 news story informs that 2.11 crore extracts in all the 358 talukas of the state of Maharashtra have been digitised. This digitisation has been implemented as promoted by India’s central government. In April 2012, online mutation to the extract has started in 3 centres in Pune a district in Maharashtra, these mutations will record changes subsequent to transfer of ownership.

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This system connectivity between the offices of the sub-register (Department of Registration and Stamps), the tehsildar (Revenue department) and the Land records department.
The name originates from the Maharashtra Land Revenue Manual. The number seven and twelve of the extract denotes the Village Form numbers.

7/12 Extract or Record of Rights is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of Government of Maharashtra. 7/12 extracts contain complete information about land property in rural areas. While property cards are related to land property in urban areas. 7/12 extract document is an important indicator of the legal status of the property (agriculture land). In this article, we will see about 7/12 Extract of Maharashtra Land Records in detail.

7/12 Extract or Record of Rights (ROR)

7/12 extract is also known as Saat Baara Utara, Record of Land Rights. The 7/12 extract or Utara is an extract from that land register and includes complete information about agriculture land in a rural area of Maharashtra. 7/12 Utara serves as proof of ownership of the land. 7/12 extract is named after two forms that are used to collect information for this extract. These forms are prescribed in the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Register.

Form VII
Village form 7 includes detail information about the owner of land and rights and liabilities of the landholder.

Form XII
Village form 11 includes detail information about agriculture aspects of land such as crops produced on the particular land, type of crop and cultivable land.

Information Included in 7/12 Extract

The 7/12 extract contains the following information about the land:

  • Survey number of land
  • Area of the land – Fit for cultivation
  • Changes in ownership
  • Mutation numbers
  • Type of land (agricultural or non-agricultural)
  • Type of irrigation (irrigated type or rain-fed type)
  • Details pending loans for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilizers
  • Information about the type of crops planted in the last cultivating season
  • Details of pending litigations
  • Details of tax paid and unpaid
  • Uses of 7/12 extract or Saat Baara Utara
  • The following are some of the significant uses of 7/12 extract in Maharashtra:

Proof of Ownership
In rural areas, 7/12 extract is used to check the ownership of ancestral land or any other land.

Land type and Activities
7/12 extracts can be used to know about the land type, and the type of activities carried out on land.

Agricultural Information
Saat Baara Utara is an important document to get information regarding the agricultural aspect of the land and its surrounding areas.

Property Sale Transaction
7/12 Utara is required at Sub-Registrar’s office when the sale transaction of land is being done.

Bank Loan
To raise farm credit or to get a loan from a bank, 7/12 Utara should be submitted.

Civil Litigation
The court needs land record proofs in case of any civil litigation. 7/12 extract can be produced for this purpose.

7/12 Extract Online

Government of Maharashtra has digitized all land details, and citizen can apply for 7/12 extract online through the aaplea sarkar website and obtain information of 7/12 extract from Mahabhulekh online portal.

Applying for 7/12 Extract Online

The procedure to apply for 7/12 Extract online is below in detail:

Step 1: Visit the main page of Maharashtra aaple sarkar website.

Step 2: Select Right to Services (RTS) option from home page. The applicant will be redirected to the next page.

Step 3: Create the profile with aaplea sarkar portal to apply online for land record services.

Step 4: Click on New User? Register here to fill all information to create the profile.

Step 5: Click on Option 1 enter Aadhaar card number and get OTP to the mobile number. All information will be downloaded from UIDAI portal through e- KYC process.

Step 6: For Option 2, the applicant has to fill details of Applicant details, address and mobile number.

Step 7: The applicant will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number.

Step 8: Upload photograph, Identity proof and Address proof.

Step 9: To register click on Register.

Step 10: If the applicant has already registered skip steps 3 to 9 and log in to the portal by entering the user name and password.

Step 11: In the next page select Revenue department.

Step 12: Select the Land Record Department from the drop-down list in the sub-department section.

Step 13: Select Issuing 7/12 extract option from the list and click on proceed button.

Step 14: Enter the details of applicant including Name, Address Mobile number, Aadhaar number and Email ID.

Step 15: Provide below-mentioned details to apply 7/12 Extract:

  • District, Taluk and village details form the drop-down menu
  • Provide Survey number, Gat number or Hissa number

Step 16: After entering all details 7/12 preview page will appear.

Step 17: Check all information furnished and click on submit.

Step 18: Pop –window with Maha Transaction ID will appear. Click on the Ok button.

Step 19: Fee details for 7/12 extract application will appear on the screen. Click on Confirm to proceed payment.

 Step 20: Once the applicant has paid the fee, all the details they have entered will be displayed. Check the 7/12 extracts details and go to the Homepage of the Revenue department. The applicant can now find her/she name in the Revenue Department 7/12 extract list.

7/12 Extract Online
7/12 Extract Online

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