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three people were reported to be killed and several injured in the Copenhagen mall shooting in Denmark

The young man identified as a suspect, a 22-year-old Dane, killed at least three people and injured several in the Copenhagen mall shooting.

According to police officials, three people are dead, three are in critical condition, and several people are severely injured after the incident.

A 53-year-old Swede, Hans Christian Stolz, came near the shooting site to pick up his children and said, "My daughters were supposed to go see Harry Styles.

Shooting in Copenhagen Denmark - first in 28 years. Unlike America, where they happen every 28 minutes.

Shooting in Copenhagen Denmark where guns are BANNED?  Oooooh child I can’t wait for the Left to explain how that happened!

A Danish man replied to the Tweet, saying, "Shooting in Copenhagen Denmark - first in 28 years.

Many netizens have shown their disregard and disappointment over this tragic mass shooting,