Google honours Ștefania Mărăcineanu

Google on Saturday paid Ștefania Mărăcineanu a tribute on her 140th birthday by dedicating a doodle.

In 1910, Mărăcineanu graduated with a physical and chemical science degree and started her career as a teacher at the Central School for Girls in Bucharest.

Mărăcineanu began working on her PhD thesis on polonium, an element that Curie discovered.

Mărăcineanu's work led to the first example of artificial radioactivity. The physicist finished her PhD in physics within two years at Sorbonne University in Paris.

In 1936, her work was recognised by the Academy of Sciences of Romania where she was also elected to serve as a Director of research.

She didn't contest the Nobel prize but wanted recognition for her contribution.

Maracineanu began working on her PhD thesis on polonium  the same element which was discovered by Curie.