The show is a far cry from what was originally advertised, as the event was originally set to take place inside Allegiant Stadium

Connor Casey: I have an idea regarding Cody Rhodes that I'll get to later in this, but for now let's have Seth win and have him threaten to recreate what happened at WrestleMania 31.

Tim Adams: Seth Rollins wins MITB and announces ahead of time that he's cashing in to make Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns a three-way match.

Charlie Ridgely: Connor and Tim both make great points, and I hope Seth can cause some chaos because the situation surrounding those belts is bleak, at best.

Matthew Aguilar: So, you want spicy? Let's get spicy. Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi are who I would pick to win this match, but I'm throwing in a twist.

Connor: Aside from Carmella (the first Women's Money in the Bank winner), no woman has held the contract for longer than one day before cashing in.

Matt: Typically I would say no and that the streak continues. However, the fact that the Women's Division is so thin at the moment could lead to them doing a longer program with it