What is the notice period for Accenture? | Important Notice About Careers at Accenture

What is the notice period for Accenture?| Important Notice About Careers at Accenture | Accenture Take down notice | Accenture Privacy Statement | Does Accenture negotiate notice period? I left Accenture in 2013. Accenture has strict rule of three month notice period. But Notice period can be waived if you take approval from DU lead and Project manager.

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I had only two month time to join new organization and I was leaving the software industry to pursue my passion for teaching. My DU lead and Project manager approved the waiver of notice Period. MY HR Rep informed me about waiver. But after few days same HR rep spoke to me and told that Notice period cannot be waived. I argued and She suggested to contact HR manager.

What is the notice period for Accenture?

I discussed with HR manager. She Said, “Pankaj, We don’t want to loose you. We want you to stay with us. We like to have people like you and your skill sets are valuable for us…. Blah blah… I argued and it didn’t help. I paid full one month salary to Accenture. I left Accenture on 1st of July and I was expecting my one day salary from Accenture. After one month, I got the message on my phone. Salary of one month and one day was credited in my account.

Accenture returned me the notice period amount. They tried everything to keep me. I wrote multiple email to HR department to get the receipt against notice period amount but I didn’t get any. That means that, it was already decided that in future they will return it again.

Accenture is the best organization I ever worked with. And if I ever able to build an organization, it will have character of Accenture. Thanks for giving me opportunity to go back to beautiful old memories.

Important Notice About Careers at Accenture

That’s a tough one – Accenture doesn’t bend this rule for anything or anyone. I know a girl who was widowed (at 38 years) and had a daughter to fend for. But due to the loss of her husband, she was going through depression and wasn’t in a state (medically) to work. Her doctor (a physiatrist) even gave a letter saying she needs to de-stress and quit working immediately but accenture made her pay up the 3 months salary. And mind you, they knew that this woman was recently widowed. Ruthless buggers!! So I would suggest ask your new company to wait 3 months or most companies buyout notice periods -maybe you work for 1 month and your new company buys out the other two or vice-versa. But escaping the notice period

What is the notice period for Accenture?

I joined Accenture in Feb 2010.

I was allocated to a project for an asset management company which was to be built on Salesforce.

The atmosphere in my project was stifling. The manager was an a$$h0le who did had no back bone.

During the first four months i was working all weekends except a couple may be and at least 11 hours a day. And all this without a word of appreciation.

The project was short on resources and then some more.

It had started to take a toll on me mentally.

I had no idea how to handle this situation. Leaving Accenture was the only option I had.

Accenture had a beautiful rule back in my days. You could leave Accenture within a month’s notice if you are in probation. Probation period was for 6 months and it was like the light at the end of a tunnel.

I had to act fast and decisively.

I started giving interviews and was able to crack one with IBM. I left Accenture on a month’s notice.

IBM was to be my third company in 2.6 years so i was advised to not to do that. But it was the best decision I had made.

So for me it was a way out because of a term Accenture put for their own benefit, but it ended up helping me.

Accenture Take down notice

Yes, 3 months Notice period is often disturbing for Accenture employees. In fact, I remember one of the employee feedback survey forms in which an employee wrote, “Don’t expect someone to serve 3 months notice period, not even a bride will wait for 3 months after engagement.” However, not all employees serve 3 months notice period. Sometimes, It depends on your manager. I desperately wanted to change my Job, since I was into a different job profile in which I had no passion. I never wanted to quit Accenture, all I wanted is to work in my area of interest.

Accenture Privacy Statement

I would be the luckiest person in Accenture to work with Managers who coach the employees and looks after their career. I told my manager that I wanted to work on my passion. He rolled me off from the project and wished me “All the best” to follow my interest. I moved to Bench and started preparing for the interviews. I rejected all project hard locks and kept updating my skill while I was in Bench. Almost 2 months passed, I got a job offer. At this stage, I spoke to my Bench manager and explained to him that I wanted to follow my passion. Yes, you’ll be assigned a manager even if you are on the bench. Luckily, he also happened to be one of the nicest managers in Accenture. I dropped an email to HR / Manager, saying that I’ve already spent 2 months in Bench and don’t want to spend another 3 more months serving NP. He was kind enough to consider my request and surprisingly they left me within a weeks time. Yes, I spent only 7 days after I boot my paper. From my experience, I would say it all depends on your manager.

Does Accenture negotiate notice period?

I left Accenture in November 2017. I needed to leave because of too many things running at my end . I had to provide proofs for everything.

I took a roll off . I was on bench for 4 weeks. I decided Accenture and its policies were not for me and my mind-set . I decided to quit.

Ruthless idiots will not listen to you unless you use strong but parliamentary language.

Case manager was an ASE girl who was instructed only to say no to everything. She didn’t have any qualities of an HR.

So, solution →keep the emails crisp and clear and convey clearly that you have no intent of working . Give genuine reasons and all proofs . Do not fake anything.

It’s very difficult to get an early release but no harm in trying.

90% people get rejected unless you get everyone involved from DUL to head of HR to any MD who can vouch for you to be left out. Difficult but possible.

Should I join a company with 3 months notice period?

Depends on your manager /bench manager and how well you communicate. If you’re desperate and bad at communicating and convincing then you might have to serve entire 3 months

So talk politely. Be direct. Don’t say things like “I would like to have an early release” say “I need it at any cost. Even if I’ve to pay for it.”

Let me tell you my story. I had faced similar situation 5 yrs back in a different company. Only few companies wait for 3 months np. Current company doesn’t allow anyone to leave before 3 months.

I found a plan to escape from this situation without loosing my job.

I prepared myself for the interview, So that I could get a job in my 3 months notice period. Simultaneously I was looking for a part time remote job in case I won’t get any job in 3 months.Finally I got a part time remote job with decent salary.I resigned on the next day when I got the first salary from them.The good part was I got 5 offers in that 3 months notice period.

I would suggest this plan if nothing works out to reduce 3 months np.

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